How Smart is Your Swag?

Amy Wolf, MBA
February 23, 2023

The promotional products industry hones in on a wide range of budgets and end-users, from high-end executive gifts to basic trade show giveaways. The key to any successful campaign answers one basic question: did the customized branded merch capture the attention of the end-user with a positive result and stick within the allocated price point?

Why stop at just gaining  brand recognition when you can create a piece of swag with a much longer and more robust lifetime value?  Evo3 has partnered with SimplyX to extend the value of that initial swag investment by leveraging QR codes with a web-based marketing and communication tool. Now that’s smart!

Smart Swag Pop Socket from Evo3 and + = Smart Swag

This week at the Northwest Event Show, SimplyX is showcasing their back-end capability to re-energize a marketing campaign by utilizing QR codes on physical items that people use on a daily basis.  

For example, the Pop Socket is placed on the back of a phone to be used for several purposes.   From holding the phone more securely to propping it up on a table top for easy video viewing, the QR code printed on the Pop Socket will remain with the phone for at least several months. 

As the marketing campaign develops new and updated information can be shared with the customer or end-user. On-trend products, slide decks or coupons for seasonal offerings are each marketing tools that can be updated and made readily available, all while keeping the QR code the same. Extending the life of customized promotional products speaks clearly to sustainability and the role it can play in a successful marketing campaign.

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