Kendall Lawrence, MBA

Kendall joined Evo3 in 2021. Starting her career in D.C., she worked in Conflict Assessment and Peacebuilding before returning to school to complete an International MBA from IE Business School and a master’s focusing on Business for Social Impact from Tufts University's Fletcher School. She’s passionate about sustainability, both social and environmental. Her goal here is to increase the focus on sustainable products and complete the B Corp Certification process.

B-Corp Certification and Sustainable Packaging

As we meet the benchmarks and criteria towards B-Corp Certification, sustainability at the the core is an integral and non-negotiable piece of Evo3's business model.
Kendall Lawrence, MBA
August 9, 2023

Sustainable Swag and Circular Economies

How do we take the idea of sustainable swag from just hitting buzzwords to reality? If done mindfully, businesses can continue to use branded merchandise for marketing and corporate gifting while making a social and environmental impact.
Kendall Lawrence, MBA
February 21, 2023
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